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Postcards from Lesotho, Africa

March 13, 2007


I posted my journal from my World Vision Africa trip on my Myspace page in early `07. I wanted to include them here on my regular site and will be posting them in Chronological order. I hope you enjoy reading about our work with AIDS orphans and our wonderful African adventure!  Access the rest of the Africa journal entries dated 3.13.07 – 3.08.07 in the journal archives.

Taya and I had the privilege of traveling to Lesotho, a small landlocked mountainous country in Southern Africa, this November. We traveled with 28 fellow World Vision artists and staff members.

It’s been 2 and a half years since my last visit to Lesotho in March of 2004. The purpose of both trips was to see first hand the work World Vision is doing to answer the HIV/Aids crisis in Africa. AIDS has swept across the continent and orphaned more that 13 million children in it’s wake. The numbers are rising, things will get worse before they get better, but the good news is that signs are on the horizon that there is hope. The following journal entries are the story I have to bring back in hopes of educating my fans and friends of the problem in Africa and hopefully inspiring them to get involved and be a part of God’s redemption plan for this desperate and beautiful part of the world. 

The deeper I get inside the work of World Vision, the more grateful I am to partner with them. Another part of my work there was to bring home assurances that World Vision is in fact doing what they say they do. I’m happy to report that they do far more than we could imagine. The ministry of World Vision is good, fertile ground to sow into where a good harvest is assured.

Lesotho ranks 3rd as the country hardest hit by Aids with 3 in 10 people infected with the virus. Though this is a staggering fact, we saw signs of hope amidst the appalling poverty and desperation. For instance, we met HIV positive people who were now on anti-virals. These kind of treatments were not available (to my knowledge) the last time I was here. Still, even with this program in place, AIDS is a certain death sentence. Hopefully it will be increasingly available and will buy some time for those with young children.

Anyone who travels to Lesotho falls in love with the children – the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. They are so full of joy and life. For them, joy isn’t dependent on circumstances – it can’t be. Instead, joy is a choice and is taken where it can be found. They teach me to find joy everywhere I look, even in the midst of the most oppressive realities.

I plan to repost my journal entries from my last trip so I’ll try to not be too redundant here. My last trip was wonderful and these stories will mean more in the context of my last trip, but for now, I’ll be posting some of the highlights of this most recent experience in Africa, including our visit to Zimbabwe where we got to meet Ottillia, the little girl we’ve sponsored since 2002! Thanks for caring and taking the time to read. Look for my Africa journal entries to be posted over the next few days.

In the meantime – if you’re interested in learning about child sponsorship, please click on the link that says hope on the right. It makes a difference.

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