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CD Release Week Highlights

March 19, 2007


Jason giving motherly advice to the expectant Sara Groves

Jason giving motherly advice to the expectant Sara Groves


We’re just catching our breath after a week of concerts celebrating the release of my new record, “All The Lovely Losers.” It was a great and memorable week and we’re so grateful for the enthusiastic show of support from our friends and fans. We felt the love when hundreds of people showed up and packed out the rooms most everywhere we went. Highlights:

We kicked off the week with the hometown release party in Mankato on Sunday May 4th. I must confess that I was worried that it would be a modest turnout since I played there recently and Mankatoans have heard me several times. But to our great surprise, close to 400 people showed up that night leaving us scrambling to set up more chairs to accommodate everyone. I tried out several new songs that I’d never performed before and I was graciously received. Though I felt like I was a little shaky on some of the new material, people responded by picking up 360+ CDs that night and sponsoring 25 kids through World Vision – the most we’ve ever gotten sponsored at a hometown show. Good job everyone! Thank you for your support.

On May 5th, My good friend Josh from Centricity was here to help coordinate the call in interviews I did from 6:30 am to 5:00 pm, talking about the new record with radio stations from CA to NC to FL to SD. As a guy with a stutter, I know I must be a radio DJ’s worst nightmare ;-). But the stations were so gracious and thousands of people got to eavesdrop on our conversations about how God meets us in our broken places and does His best work there.

May 6th was the official release day and I was blessed to be on the air with KTIS FM in MinneapolisMN for an hour, sharing 6 songs and my testimony. Dave, the interview host, was the most genuine, kind, and generous interviewer I’ve ever been blessed to work with, and I’m grateful beyond words for the time we had on air together and his enthusiastic support. I know it was because of his endorsement that we had such a great showing at the concert in the Maple Grove Northwestern bookstore where more than 250 showed up for a standing room only concert hosted by KTIS and my dear friend Sara Groves. Sara opened up with a couple of her amazing songs and some incriminating stories about the first time she and her husband took me on the road with them. A fun night full of laughter and soul mining.

All the Northwestern store employees wore T-shirts that day saying “I’m a lovely loser – ask me why” to help get the word out about the record. To show my gratitude and solidarity, I threw a shirt on myself before going on stage. The support of KTIS, Northwestern Bookstores, Sara Groves, and of course the fans made this a night to remember. 

May 7th we were in RochesterMN with my old friends at Crosswinds church. I was grateful that my good friends from MemphisTN were there for the show. People showed their support and bought 230 CDs that night (not bad for 150 people in attendance!). We ended our first week with fans buying 1050 CDs! I have the most wonderful and supportive fans, thank you for your support. I couldn’t do this without you, words fail me to express my gratitude.

Coming up in my next journal entry – week 2 of CD release week including a special night with Andrew Peterson and friends. 

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