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Cancellations, Stranded in Nashville, and God’s Redemption

April 1, 2007


Liam's birthday part polaroid pic- Scott, Carol & Liam Phillips, J & T Gray

Liam's birthday part polaroid pic- Scott, Carol & Liam Phillips, J & T Gray

Though the tour got off to a bit of a rocky start (the other band backing out at the last minute followed by subsequent date cancellations and the loss of the tour bus we were going to use), we’re off an running on the first leg of our Spring tour with Downhere.

Due to some of the cancellations, Taya and I ended up having to stay in Nashville and join the tour the following week in San Luis ObispoCA. We were disappointed to be stranded in Nashville for a week, away from our kids and not working, incurring significant expenses without generating income. We felt even worse when we got a call from home and learned that Gus (our 3 year old) had gotten violently sick and was upset that mom and dad weren’t there with him. Add to this the myriad other things that went very wrong that day and I guess you could say that Taya and I were feeling a bit cosmically picked on.

But God’s redemption slowly began to reveal itself over the next several days as our good friends Scott and Carol Phillips agreed to let us be their house guests and Andrew Peterson agreed to let us borrow his 15 passenger van during our time in Nashville. Our time with the Phillips seemed like a divine appointment as we spent hours sharing our lives and encouraging each other at a critical time when we both needed it. Taya and I were also blessed to spend an evening with the Petersons eating dinner at Rafferty’s and then going to see “Reign Over Me” (good movie with great performances by Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler – Sandler was amazing! His performance aside, he also bore an uncanny resemblance to Bob Dylan through most of the movie.)

We hated to be the kind of people who show up on the doorstep asking to stay for a night and then ending up staying for a week, but everyone was very gracious and we all had a good time. We earned a bit of our keep at the Phillips by helping cook and hang mirrors for their sons 1 year birthday party.

It was a blessing to give and receive while we were there and we were so grateful for God’s nurture that came to us through our good friends the Phillips and the Petersons (as well as being swell people, they are also great artists – check them out here at and By the end of our time there, we felt refreshed and actually grateful for the circumstances that stranded us there, right in the middle of God’s blessing. I’m not sure that everything – good and bad – that happens to us is necessarily God’s will, but I am sure that he can redeem any and all circumstances and put it to use in his ongoing work in our lives. Nothing is wasted, not one thing, and that is good news.

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