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Catching up, GMA, and hanging out with Andrew Peterson’s Swedish Friends

May 8, 2007


GMA 07 World Vision Showcase

GMA 07 World Vision Showcase

It’s been awhile since my last post, but not for lack of anything happening. The irony is that when my blogs are few and far between, It usually means there’s A LOT of blogworthy activity going on…

We wrapped up the latest leg of the Spring Downhere tour just in time for GMA, a gathering of radio, writers, artists, and just about everyone else remotely involved in the Christian Music Industry. GMA is where the business of the Christian Music Business gets done. This being my first GMA as a signed artist, I had a full schedule of meetings and interviews, plus I was blessed to be a part of 4 different showcases throughout the week. With a grade A review in CCM magazine, an interview in CRW magazine, and an opening slot on the World Vision roster for their program, I was blessed with pretty high profile exposure for this week (high profile for a guy like me at least!). I was also blessed to sit and have some great interviews/conversations with wonderful journalists from all over the world. There are a lot of things that leave me cold about the music industry, and GMA is always a strange place for me – there is a great deal of tension between Christ’s Kingdom and the world of music business – but I’m always blessed to meet good-hearted passionate people who genuinely want to see God’s Kingdom built. 

So It was a busy week, from sun up to sun down, but very fruitful.

GMA culminates with the Dove awards (Christian Music’s version of the Grammy’s), and the highlight of the week for Taya and I was being invited to attend the anti-Doves party at Andrew Peterson’s house. (Nothing against the Dove awards, it just happens to fall on the same night, so we try to be all subversive and call it the “anti-doves” party). Each year on Wednesday night of GMA, a group of music distributors and concert promoters from Sweden and Holland hang out at Andrew’s house, laugh, and tell stories. It was fun to be invited and have a good laugh with our new European friends.

I’m continually grateful for the company I get to keep and the people I get to call my friends. I remember thinking of famed producer Daniel Lanois and how he gets to call people like Bono, Bob Dylan, Emmy Lou Harris, and Peter Gabriel his friends – what an amazing cast of characters in his life! But then I thought of all the people I get to call my friends, and my life is equally populated by a cast of characters whom I both love and respect. I am truly blessed.

More to come, including our earning the title of “worst house guest”.

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