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Stitches, Bathroom Walls, and Other Misadventures

May 12, 2007


A J emblazoned on Jacob's cheek in stitches

A J emblazoned on Jacob's cheek in stitches

Taya and the boys drove down for GMA in Nashville and we went from there to visit our old friends in St. AugustineFL for a concert and hang time. Our intention was to do the concert on Sunday and then head to another friend’s beach home in Destin for a few days off on the beach to reconnect with my family. But alas, my guitar needed a repair on Monday so we ended up sticking around and enjoying St. Augustine. Our hosts were gracious and let us stay three days longer than we had originally planned. Though they have asked us to stay longer every time we’ve been in town, I was still hesitant to be the kind of people who wear out their welcome by staying too long. But we took our chances anyway and stayed, spending every afternoon at the beach followed by some exploring in the early evening down the streets of America’s oldest city, where Ponce De Leon is said to have discovered the fountain of youth. Gus (our three year old) was especially excited to explore the old Spanish fort with it’s cannons and turrets. Armed with a toy sword, he ran through the fort yelling at his older brothers, “out of my way you scallywags!”

On Saturday before the concert, we told our hosts/friends the Provenzas about “worst host home stories (and we’ve collected a good many of them). Little did we know then that we would soon be giving them a “worst guest” story. Not only did we end up staying 3 extra days, but on day 2, I fell through their shower wall, leaving a gaping hole there and a pile of broken tile on the floor of their tub. I had an insane moment where I thought we could cover it up by making a quick run to Home Depot for spackle and tiling grout.

The Provenzas were more than gracious and told us that they knew the wall was weak and that in fact a contractor was supposed to come that very week to fix the bathroom. They told us we saved them about $5 in demolition work. I don’t know about that, but I think we at least gave them a good story to tell their next guests…

We got through the rest of the week without doing anymore damage and made our way to Fort Eustis in Apex, VA to rejoin the Downhere tour. We arrived at the army base at about 2:00 AM after what would have been a 10 hour drive stretched past 15 hours when Kipper got sick and we had to stop for repeated bathroom breaks. The worst part for poor Kipper was that most of the gas stations were closed on the route we were on so… well… let’s just say we had to leave a number of surprises for the adopt a highway people…

After finally bedding down for the night at the hotel on the base, Jacob woke us up two hours later at 4:30 AM when he tripped from sleepwalking and split his cheek wide open on the corner of the chair. There was blood everywhere and Taya took Jacob to the E.R. where Jacob got 10 stitches. He was a trooper and hardly complained at all. The cut is in the shape of a big “J” on his right cheek, which is convenient since his name is Jacob. 

After a great weekend out with Downhere, we all drove north where Taya and the boys dropped me off in Indianapolis where the tour would pick me up a day later. 

It was an eventful week, but thankfully everybody made it home safe and sound and this week has gone by without incident! But I guess we’re collecting great family memories. At any rate, it was a gift to me to have Taya and the boys with me for the two weeks and our time spent on the beach riding the waves together and storming the Spanish fort are worth more than a hundred stitches and middle of the night bathroom stops. I have two weeks left of the tour and though it’s been a great blessing, I can’t wait to get home and reconnect with my boys, maybe go see Spiderman 3 and some Pirates of The Caribbean.

To see a video of these adventures, go to

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