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Playing Catch and Catching Up after the Tour

May 26, 2007


Jason, Downhere, & Sevenglory

Jason, Downhere, & Sevenglory


Well, it’s over. We wrapped up the last date on the Wide Eyed and Mystified tour with Downhere and Sevenglory in South BostonVA on May 19th.

It was a great tour and I’m grateful for all the new friends I got to meet along the way. Taya and I will especially miss the guys from Downhere (and their spouses, too). Some great friendships were made and the end felt a little like the last day of camp. Not only is Downhere a great band, but truly a great group of kind and genuine guys. They really let me inside of their world and I left feeling like I had been part of the band. One of the best moments was when a youth pastor introduced them as “the real deal – followers of Jesus both on stage and back stage. These guys are smokin’ what they’re selling.”

That made me smile. There’s nothing like a drug reference for an introduction to a church audience. It felt really rock’n’roll for a moment there…

The good news is that I’ll be teaming up with Downhere in the Fall once more for another tour, interspersed with some dates with Michael Card and Phil Keaggy, two of the great legends of Christian music whose work has left a deep mark in my life. So I hope to see you out there!

Until then, enjoy your summer! I’m putting together some weekend dates (including next week in JanesvilleWI – if you’re anywhere near, it would be great to see you!), so check back for my schedule over the next couple of days as I get it posted. To mark the beginning of summer, you can sport your very own Jason Gray flip-flops! They’re available at in the “store” section. I’m going to get me some 😉

I’m enjoying picking up the threads of my real life again now that I’m home. I played catch with my boys tonight. Even got Gus (our 3 year old) learning how to swing his bat – he got a couple hits off of me! And, I actually climbed a tree with my wife Taya. So we’re getting back into the rhythms of home life again. 

I’ve been gone for the better part of three months, and a lot of life has happened here at home in the meantime, difficult things like three of our friends passing away and another friend’s marriage ending. But a lot happened in our lives away, too: deepening friendships, vulnerable conversations about faith and doubt, watching God work through out ministry in ways we never would have expected. A tour can feel like life concentrate! I’m looking forward to taking a little time at home to add a little water and drink it down.

 More stories from the road to come, so stay posted.

For more on Downhere:
For more on Sevenglory:


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