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Touring, Swimming, Blogging and Batman

June 13, 2007


Batman returns- with swimtrunks

Batman returns- with swimtrunks

I went outside to check on Gus yesterday and found that he had put on swimtrunks and a batman costume and was preparing to go swimming. It made me think, “This is a great time to bring people up to date on my summer touring!” So I made a little video blog that you can see on my profile page. As you wait for the latest installment in the new Batman movie series, hopefully this can help tide you over.

In the meantime, I’m back to working on new songs and doing house projects that I owe to my wife for being on the road the better part of a year. yesterday we wrapped up restoring the screens for our 2nd story back porch and finished staining the face boards for our built in bookshelf in the upstairs hallway. The back porch got screened in just in time to keep out the bugs and give us a cozy place to sit in the evening while we all read as a family the exciting conclusion of Eldest, the sequel to the dragon story Eragon (awful movie, but good book).



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