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Hecklers, Being Egged, and Other Adventures on Tour

November 17, 2007


Jason at Ft. Eustis

Jason at Ft. Eustis

We just wrapped up the second to the last leg of the Fall `07 “Wide Eyed & Mystified” tour with Downhere and new Centricity artist Lanae Hale. Last weekend was quite eventful! Here are some highlights from last weekend:

We played for the servicemen at Fort EustisVA again. We had a great time there last Spring and we were excited to come back. The General kindly welcomed us and he and his wife had us all over for an amazing dinner in the Magnolia House before the concert. A good Christian man, he shared stories of his experience in the military and honored us as guests.

The soldiers were great and we were grateful to play for them, but there were a number of newer recruits there this Fall, and let’s just say I’ve never encountered better hecklers. At every quiet moment, there was a guy in the front who would holler out, “I’m a trained killer, they train me to kill people here!” And at the end of just about every song, he’d yell “adios!” 

It wasn’t only a challenge for me, though. During Downhere’s set, somebody pulled the fire-alarm, and during their song “The Real Jesus”, some guys got up front and started dancing like the rockettes. If it weren’t so ridiculous, it wouldn’t be funny, but as it was it’s a great memory and we all laughed about it afterwards. 

By and large, the audience was great and respectful, but there were just a few guys who were a little rowdy. The army will be good for them.

The next night I got egged. Yep, that’s right. Egged. When I was done with my set I walked outside to the bus and was ambushed by four guys who started throwing eggs at me and the tour bus. The venue called the cops and when I gave my report I learned that this is a problem they’ve been having for weeks, so I didn’t take it personal or as a reflection of my performance. I washed off the bus and the venue security came out and wiped down the other nearby cars that got hit.

There were some other eventful things that happened this weekend, too, but all in all you just chalk it all up to life experience and you’re grateful for the stories you get to take home with you.

Hope to see you at a show soon, and I hope it’s one where there aren’t armed hecklers who are trained to kill. Until then,



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