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On the Road with Michael Card

December 7, 2007


I woke up about a week ago and felt the beginnings of a head cold take hold of me. Noticing my left ear was slightly plugged up when I said “good morning” to Taya, I said “oh no, I think my ear is plugged up. Testing 1-2-3. Testing 1-2-3. Yep, it’s a little plugged.” You know you’ve been on the road in front of a microphone too long when you say “testing 1-2-3” to check if your ears are plugged up.

That being said, I knew I had to get better quick because I would soon be heading out on the road again with Michael Card as part of his Christmas tour called “The Promise.” Michael has been a hero of mine for years, his music and writing leaving an indelible mark in my life. His Ancient Faith trilogy of albums exploring the Old Testament in particular were important to me and helped form a lot of my theological understanding. It’s because of “Job Suite” that I built my own lap dulcimer, and “Gomer’s Song” was an indispensable cover song I would play early in my concert career. So it was with great reverence (and even a little insecurity) that I boarded the bus the other night as we pulled out of Nashville.

Friends who have toured with Michael raved about their experiences with him and I heard many funny stories. I’m grateful to be collecting some of my own stories from my own personal Michael Card experience and have indeed found him to be as kind and generous as a guest artist could hope for.

I was sitting on the bus yesterday eating easy-mac and turkey sandwiches with him when it dawned on me, “I’m hanging out eating turkey sandwiches and easy-mac with the guy who wrote El-Shadai!!”

We still have a few shows left to do on this tour and if we’re coming through you area, we’d love to see you.

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