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Clermont, FL – last concert of 2007

December 31, 2007


This last weekend I was blessed to be with my good friends at Real Life Christian Church in Clermont FL – a new church with visionary leadership that is growing nearly out of their control! Last year when I was with them, they’re generous response to the needs of AIDs orphans in Africa blew me away. Truly a church filled with people passionate about building the kingdom of God.

After a great service on Saturday night, Marcus Naugler – the worship pastor and a singer/songwriter in his own rite, took me to the House of Blues where we had another kind of church with blues guitarist Derek Trucks and his wife Susan Tedeshi. They rocked hard with their brand of grooving blues rock jams. It was a great night and worth sacrificing my sleep before doing three more services the following morning. Good music is like food – it just feeds something in me.

I was blessed too to see a number of familiar faces while I was in Clermont and to have fans who drove several hours to be at the services and make a weekend of it. New fans from Michigan, West Florida, and even some old friends from North Dakota were there! Made me grateful to have people who care about my music enough to make the 3 and 4 hour drives from where they were to come hear me play. What a gift.

I shared some new songs this weekend and I’m grateful for how they were enthusiastically received. I feel like I’m just beginning to break ground on the songs for the next record. I look forward to bringing these songs to life and then bringing them out one by one to you throughout this next year to find out if they take flight and hit the mark with you.

As I look back on 2007, I find myself grateful for an amazing year. My partnership with Centricity Records and my first national release of “All The Lovely Losers” in March, a song that reached #14 on the charts with “Blessed Be”, a Spring & Fall tour with one of my favorite bands, Downhere, as well as a tour with one of my heroes, Michael Card. My own shows before new audiences and old friends kept me busy, too, making for a year where I was only home for little more than 8 weeks! 

I’m excited to see what 2008 holds and am looking forward to beginning work on what will be the next record. I’m taking a little time off to write early this year, but will hit the road again soon after that and hope our paths cross sometime soon. I thank you for caring about my work. I hope my music has found a home in your heart and has been a help to you in some way. That’s why I do what I do. I do it for you and am grateful for you attention.

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