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Our Own Young Indiana Jones

February 18, 2008


The other night, during our few days at home, we were all watching an episode of “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” DVD that we got for Christmas. Indiana Jones is a revelation for Gus, our 4 year old, and he runs around the house with a rope and cowboy hat doing his best Indy impersonation, always humming the theme song. He’s growing up, but there are still daily reminders that he is a little boy. While watching some of the special features on archaeology, he started to get sleepy and asked for his blanket which was upstairs. We told him to go ahead and get it, it was in his room. He protested that he needed someone to go with him. We said, that Indiana Jones wouldn’t be afraid to go up there by himself, he just needed his trusty whip and he could go up there and take the “treasure” (blanky and bear). “But I want someone to go with me,” he insisted.

“C’mon, Gus, you’re a big boy, you can get it yourself,” I said.

He stood up exasperated, pointed at himself and emphatically said, “look at this size, I’m little!”

We all had a good laugh at that and I said, “just for that, I will go up with you, let’s go.” He climbed on my back and started humming the Indiana Jones theme song as we ventured up the stairs to the mysterious chamber of peril, otherwise known as Gus’s room.

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