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My Label-mate Jaime Jamgochian’s New Record

February 28, 2008


Just wanted to let everyone know that my friend and label mate Jaime Jamgochian released her new record, “Above The Noise,” this week. Jaime started out as a worship leader in the Seattle area where one of the most generous men I know saw her and was moved to help bring her ministry to the next level. Such was the genesis of my record label, Centricity Records, launched with Jaime as the first artist¬! In many ways, I and the other artists are beneficiaries of Jaime’s ministry as we were later invited to join the Centricity family – the best label in the industry in my humble opinion.

Jaime’s music reflects her background as a worship leader and is more like sweet comfort food than it is the salty, challenging, sometimes troublesome music that I usually encourage my fans to check out (i.e. Over The Rhine, Mark Heard, Derek Webb, etc). Jaime records a Nichole Nordeman song on “Above The Noise” and I think Nichole is a good artist to compare Jaime to. Jaime is sincere in her love for the Lord and this love is on display on every cut of this record. Nathan Nockels, one of the major musicmakers in the modern worship movement, was tapped to produce this record and wrings every hook and ticklish melody out of these songs to create an exuberantly radio friendly mix of songs that you will most likely hear on your radio station soon!

Jaime’s song “Hear My Worship” was #1 on INSPO charts for a record breaking 9 weeks last year, and she raises the bar in every way on her new record. Seriously, these are catchy, melodic songs performed well. If you you’re a fan of contemporary female led worship music, I think you’ll love this record. Check her out on iTunes or go to and order a copy. 

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