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Finishing well

May 14, 2008


photo taken by Shawn McDonald

photo taken by Shawn McDonald

We’re driving through New Mexico now after the last concert of the Spring Tour.  We played to a near capacity audience last night in CamarilloCA and after 27 dates in 34 days, I think we finished well.  The Downhere boys left the tour after the DavisCA concert on the 7th because of family obligations, so it was just Shawn’s crew and I for the last two dates.  It was sad to see Downhere go and we certainly missed them.  Kind of sad for them, too, since our last two dates were attended by our most enthusiastic audiences yet.  The final concerts were among the best of the tour for both Shawn’s crew and myself.


We lived a lot of life over these 6 weeks!  We had birthday parties, heart to heart talks, make ups and break ups, and we tried to make time in the demanding schedule to play whenever the opportunity presented itself (several games of basketball when the church had a gym, Scotland Yard, Yahtzee, and a good share of video gaming.)  We put on more than 13,000 miles and with 12 of us packed on the bus, we got to know each other pretty well.  


It’s always kind of interesting to me the romanticized misconceptions that many people have about our kind of life.  One fan recently asked very enthusiastically what it was like to be on a bus with Shawn McDonald.  Beaming, he asked “Is it just amazing?  Do you just ask him to sing for you all the time?”  I think he was more than a little let down when we told him that their was actually a no music rule on the bus.  Numerous fans would come to talk with us after a show and saying things like “how fun is it to drive all across the country with your friends and make music!?”  “Well, actually it’s a lot like work, but without a retirement plan and insurance” I would joke, and they would look disappointed.


It is true that it’s been a fun tour, and though it’s been hard work, it’s been a different kind of hard work and a therefore a nice distraction from the usual day to day work we will resume at home.  And we did laugh a lot – especially at Neal Vickers’ mustache 🙂


I’m posting the remaining pics on myspace (where you can comment on them) and on my own site – hope you like them!

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