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Top 10 Things I Love About Being Home

May 23, 2008


Playing Video games at home

Playing Video games at home

After nearly 8 weeks away from home (a 7 week run with Shawn McDonald and then another week on my own after that) it’s good to be back! The Spring Tour was great and I’m so grateful to have been out with Shawn & Downhere and grateful, too, for all the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. And though we were well cared for (mostly 😉 on the road, I’m more aware of all I take for granted and what makes the words “there’s no place like home” ring true. Here are some things Taya and I realized we missed while we were away:

10. A daily shower (there are two things that I’m most concerned about every day of the tour, the first is whether or not there will be a shower that day!)

9. Knowing how far to turn the hot water faucet and having a sense of how long it will take for the water to get warm (and stay warm!)

8. Eating our own food that we make with our own hands!

7. Being able to do laundry before having to recycle clothing (especially the bits that you only want to wear once)

6. Sleeping in my own bed that won’t kick me out on the floor whenever there is a sharp turn in the road and that doesn’t rattle when you run over a rumble strip (or stink when you hit a skunk)

5. Getting my daily espresso from my own espresso machine (the other of the two daily concerns was whether or not I’d get a good coffee that day – more important than you think when you’re usually only operating on about 4 – 5 hours of sleep a day)

4. A private bathroom (that I know will flush!) with a lock on the door (that I know
will lock.)

3. Gus climbing into bed with me when he’s supposed to be climbing into his own bed

2. Not having to share a confined living space with 12 other people, some of whom maybe should have been more concerned themselves about getting a daily shower and doing their laundry regularly

1. Time spent with my favorite people in the whole world: my boys! And together playing video games, jumping on the trampoline, mowing the lawn, going to see a movie, reading stories together on the back porch, getting the bikes out of the shed…

Being away from home for nearly 8 weeks is challenging, but is really a short time compared to the time away from home and loved ones that others sacrifice. On my last date of this run, I spent time with a family whose son will be shipped off to Iraq. They are hoping that he will be home when his baby daughter is born, but there is no guarantee of that and he may, in fact, miss her birth by days. This memorial day weekend, remember and say a prayer for those who serve in the military and give up time at home so that we can feel more secure in ours.

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