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Listen to a Great Cover of Not Going Down

June 1, 2008


During our stop in DavisCA on the Spring tour, I was blessed to meet a group of college students from Stanford University who were a part of an a capella group called Testimony. They introduced themselves and said they had recorded my song “Not Going Down” and asked me if I would play it for them. We went out to the parking lot where I played the song for them while they joined in. It was truly one of the highlights of the tour. They also gave me a CD, which I lost track of during load out that night. To my relief, I found the CD again the other day and nothing could have prepared me for what I would hear – the care they put into recording my song, the attention to every keyboard and guitar part blew me away! What a great honor it was to have them put that much work into my song.

I thought you might like to hear it, and you can on their myspace jukebox by clicking on this link:

Also, here’s a video someone took of me playing the song for them in the parking lot:

Keep in mind as you listen that there are no instruments used in the song – they only used their voices, even for the drum parts. It’s pretty dang cool! Hope you enjoy it, and if you do, let them know!

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