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Jason talks with Soul Audio about the future

July 3, 2008


I had a great conversation with my friend Matt at about my next record, writer’s block, the songwriting process, and the challenges of telling the truth in the Chrisitian subculture. Here’s a quote:

“MATT: He’s too busy thinking. That’s the reason you haven’t heard from Centricity singer/songwriter Jason Gray for quite some time. You can tell in the way he meticulously crafts his responses even for us at Soul-Audio, let alone in the songs he releases as his own creations. Thus, it was interesting to hear from Jason in this time of writer’s block, granting us the chance to gain brilliant insights into the mind of the songwriter…”

And another:

“JASON: Sometimes it feels like real engagement and spiritual growth are counter culture in this environment. If you really want to grow deeper, or ask the better questions it’s almost like a rebellion…”

Read more at and then leave a comment there to let Matt know what you thought of the article.

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