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Finding Your Calling in a Cup of Coffee

July 14, 2008


I had the privilege of being the last artist to play at the huge outdoor week long event known as Lifest in Osh Kosh WI this weekend.  On the heels of two demanding weeks of camp ministry Kipper and I left early saturday morning to make the 9 hour drive east making it our first ever father/son road trip.  I played Saturday evening in Sturgeon Bay before jetting out to play Lifest later that night.  I had the honor of having my favorite band ever – Over The Rhine – open for me at the Cafe stage.  Well that’s one way of looking at it, another is that my set happened to be scheduled after theirs 🙂


The best thing about Lifest was Over The Rhine playing before me.  It was also the worst!  I mean, who wants to play after their favorite band?!  A hard act to follow.  That said, it was a great evening and we closed it all down at 2:00 am.  They even gave me their 1 CD that I didn’t already own.  I gave them mine, too, but secretly hoped they wouldn’t listen to it.  Ahh… insecurity.  But on to the matter at hand:


CMCentral has posted my monthly devotional about a recent visit to my favorite coffee shop in the world – Cafe Vivace in Seattle While savoring an outstanding White Velvet, it brought to mind the idea of finding our purpose and the criteria we use to discern “true callings”.  I wondered about the traditional concepts of success and failure we often use to measure the validity of a calling.  Is success a valid measuring stick for God’s blessing?  Does God ever call us to fail?  You can read the piece here, and leave a comment if you like it!  They’d be grateful to know that you’re reading.

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