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What Andrew Peterson and Downhere have in common

October 25, 2008


Andrew Peterson and Jason Gray exulting...

Andrew Peterson and Jason Gray exulting...

I’m more than halfway through the Big Daddy Weave, Rush Of Fools tour and if you haven’t caught a show, there’s still time.  We’d love to see you!  Between the tour and an aggressive writing schedule on the off days, I’ve been busier than ever.

On account of my hectic schedule, I missed a birthday this week.  So in the spirit of a belated birthday card, I’m letting you know that Tuesday was the birthday of Andrew Peterson’s new CD, “The Resurrection Letters Volume 2”, his debut release on the best record label around – Centricity Records.  If you’ve spent any time on my site or talking with me, you know that I’m Andrew’s biggest fan.  His work has had a profound affect on me.  Rich Mullins comparisons are common when it comes to Andrew, but for good reason.  Whatever spirit hovered above Mullin’s music I would venture to say feels right at home over Andrew’s music.  

Andrew is widely regarded as one of the best songwriters in Nashville and his lyrics brilliantly stir the deeper waters, exploring the beauty, wonder, and delightful paradox of truth.  Andrew is one of my heroes, and I’m blessed to also call him one of my great friends.  

His new record centers around the idea of the fallout of the Resurrection and finds Andrew making his most accessible music to date.  Here’s a link to some review highlights.  Do yourself a favor and buy his new CD, casting a vote for a better kind of music and getting a collection of transformational songs that celebrate the implications of the empty tomb.

If I’m late for that birthday, I’m really late for another, and that is the arrival of Downhere’s new album, “Ending Is Beginning” which came out in September.  Musically, the style of Peterson and Downhere are quite different, but the common denominator is the commitment to excellence.  Over the past few years I’ve become Downhere’s biggest fan and am constantly amazed that they aren’t the biggest pop/rock band around.  Monster hooks, unforgettable melodies, deceptively intelligent lyrics, and not one, but TWO distinctive vocalists – one who sounds like Freddie Mercury (Queen) and one who sounds like Peter Gabriel.

“Ending Is Beginning” is their best record to date with track after track of soaring anthems of hope in the face of desperate times.  Nearly every song is through the rafters.  Favorites to me are “Hope Is Rising” and “Bleed For This Love” as well as “My Last Amen” which finds the band having the most fun they’ve ever had on a record, gleefully channeling Queen and the glam rock zeitgeist.  It’s that rare combination of being fun and profoundly deep.  It’s the best pop/rock record you’ll buy this year.

Get either of these records on itunes or by going to and respectively

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