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Making our way to Bethlehem

December 4, 2008


We just finished the first night of the Behtlehem Skyline Christmas tour in Pontoon BeachIL (St. Louis area)!  I have to say that it was a great night, and there was a moment about half way through where I looked at my tour mates on stage and felt so blessed to be with them, and I had a real sense that this tour was special.  But it’s been quite a journey to get here.

Taya and I drove down to Nashville on Sunday in order to be there for the Monday rehearsal/set – up day.  We set up the gear and did our sound checks and then reconvened on Tuesday for our first real rehearsal day.  Dealing with an event that features 5 musical guests means there are a lot of logistical as well as musical  issues to work through, and Tuesday was the day we had to do it as we packed what probably should have been 4 days of rehearsal and planning into 1.  After a 3 hour rehearsal, we ran the entire concert twice before doing a dress rehearsal that was open to the Nashville area public.

The last people that I want to work out the kinks in front of is the Nashville audience of peers and industry people.  But though we were barely ready, the evening wasn’t a train wreck and revealed what was working and what needed work.  However, with the first show scheduled the next night, we’d have to address all that on the fly, and we loaded up the bus and hit the road for St. Louis.

We hauled in the gear in St. Louis, set up, and had a meeting about what we needed to address.  We then set about addressing them and had another rehearsal before breaking for showers and dinner.  But then, about half an hour before show time, Jeremy – the drummer for Downhere and the tour road manager – got the call that his wife had just gone into labor 3 weeks early!

There were no more flights out of St. Louis, so Jeremy played the first set while someone rented a car for him to drive home to be with his wife and welcome their first child into the world.  How appropriate that on the first night of a tour celebrating the birth of the Christ child, we would end up celebrating the birth of Jeremy’s and Erin‘s little boy.

It is a beautiful thing that we are all grateful for, but it did present the problem of who would play drums now for the upcoming dates.  Tim Twinem who is out with us doing the light show will be stepping up to the drums for the next few nights and my very own Taya will step up as the road manager.  The show, as they say, must go on…

In spite of it’s fair share of drama, The Bethlehem Skyline tour has really shaped up to be a great show that I’m proud to be a part of.  It’s musical, relational, and ultimately hopeful.  It feels blessed to me.  

I really hope to see you out there if we’re coming to your area (check my tour page to see).  I’ll try to keep you updated on our furthering adventures…

Bethlehem Skyline Christmas Tour
Dec 2:   Franklin, TN
Dec 3:  Pontoon Beach, IL  (St Louis)
Dec 4:  Tulsa, OK
Dec 5:  Oklahoma City, OK
Dec 6:  San Antonio, TX
Dec 7:  Mission, TX
Dec 8:  Coppell, TX
Dec 10:  Pratville, AL  (Montgomery) 
Dec 12:  Grennville, PA
Dec 13:  Kentwood, MI  (Grand Rapids)
Dec 14:  Waukesah, WI  (Milwaukee)  
Dec 15:   Mankato, MN

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