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All Good Things

February 24, 2009

It was fast and furious, but we made it.  The Sanctus Real, Matthew West, Jason Gray tour played the last of its 13 show run in the Denver area this last Friday.  If you recall from an earlier blog, the first date was plagued by multiple breakdowns that put us about 6 hours behind schedule.  As it began, so also it ended as the Sanctus Real bus actually caught fire early Friday morning about 150 miles shy of our destination. 
At 5:30 that morning everybody moved over to our bus, and with people sleeping on every available piece of floor, we headed to the venue and made plans to go back for the trailer and gear stranded with the other bus.  All of this put us about 8 hours behind and we were setting up and sound checking right up to the moment that doors opened.  In fact, during my set I told the audience about our day and welcomed them to the Matthew West, Sanctus Real, and Jason Gray sound check. 
In spite of all this, it was the best night of the tour with our biggest audience – a packed house of nearly 2000 people.  We felt the love in the room and it was a great way to end not only a difficult day, but to wrap up a tour.  We were also glad to see over 150 World Vision kids sponsored that night, the most sponsorships in a single night!  I’m happy to announce that 895 of the world’s poorest children were sponsored during the course of this tour.  The news gets even better, too, since for every child sponsored, there are 5 people who benefit (when your support goes to build a school and a clean well, it helps the whole community, not just the sponsored child.)  Taking that into account, that means 4,500 lives of the poorest of the poor were impacted because of this tour!   
We were also grateful to collaborate with the WAYFM  stations who hosted the concerts in every city and helped get people out to the shows to make our ministry possible. Sometimes it all comes together and I find it hard to believe my good fortune and the great company I’ve fallen into. 
I was on Matthew West’s bus and wish we could have hung out more, but Matthew’s wife was in the final stages of a difficult pregnancy and Matthew was flying home every chance that he could.  Delaney was born before the last week of the tour and mom and baby are doing well.   I did get to hang with his guys though, and they are not only competent players, but great people, too.  More than one night we stayed up way too late talking about some of the more intimate details of life, love, and other mysteries.  I also wrote a couple songs with Jeff the keyboard player that I’m pretty excited about.  What I can tell you about Matthew West himself, though, is that he is an amazing writer and every night I felt song envy as he ripped through chorus after hooky chorus. 
Though we weren’t on the Sanctus Real bus, it wasn’t long before we found kindred spirits in these guys.  You’d be hard-pressed to meet a kinder group of guys and my time with them was one of my favorite parts of this tour.  To say that I became a big fan is a huge understatement.  And the cherry on top was that I got to write a couple songs with Matt Hammitt – lead singer for Sanctus –  one of which is very precious to me (
I blogged about it here).  I enjoyed them so much, that I decided to try and join the band (check out the picture). <a name="0.8_

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