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Cheeseburgers, Sin, and Lent

March 9, 2009


I wrote a piece about the Gray family’s Lenten observance for the Rabbit Room.  Even though we’re already in the swing of things for Lent, it’s not too late to participate if you feel so inclined! Check out my Lenten blog for the rabbit room here.

Here’s a taste:

“Here we are again in the season of Lent – one of my favorite liturgical observances. Since I didn’t grow up in a Christian home, I was always mystified by my catholic friend’s religious practice of ordering fishwiches from McDonald’s on Fridays.  “I can’t eat meat on Fridays for Lent,” they would explain, whatever that meant. I didn’t get it. But as I grew older and learned more about this sacred season leading up to Easter, I fell in love with it.  If you happen to be uninitiated as I was, one of the basic ideas of Lent as I understand it is to…”

read the whole post at The Rabbit Room

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