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The New Record: Day 1

March 18, 2009

File-9Ready or not, here we come…

Tomorrow is the first day of tracking for the new record.  For those of you who have been following me (my blogs and such, not literally – that would be creepy), you know how much I’ve struggled with writer’s block for the past couple of years, so you know how big of a day this is for me – a day that I started to fear might not come!

But by God’s grace as well as the help of a number of artist’s who I was blessed to write with and who brought out the best in me, we start with the first four songs this week.  I’ll take a week off then to get the remainder of the other songs in order, hopefully write another one or two, and then wrap up the first phase of recording by early April.  It’s an incredibly busy and productive time, but to keep everyone up to speed, I started a thread in “The Lounge” section of the message boards here on my site.  I hope to give daily updates and maybe even things like lyrics, etc., so please stop by and join the conversation!  Here’s a direct link to that thread.

I’m grateful for you and hope you will like what we’re cooking up for you over the next couple of months!


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