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May Day May Day

May 2, 2009


The receipt

The receipt

I’ll be posting the final bit about stories from GMA week shortly, but before I did I just had to tell you what Taya did yesterday so you can see for yourself one of the many reasons I love this girl.

After dropping me off at the airport early that morning, she and the boys drove home and started wondering what they should do, feeling like they had all earned a play day, it being May Day and all.  Taya called up our friend Lauren and they looked for a movie worth seeing, but couldn’t find anything that seemed to fit the mood of the day.  So instead they dreamed up a little adventure where they would make a day of fun and activities spending only $10.

First stop, the dollar store of course.  There they bought a gallon of water, straws, Dixie cups, crackers and cheese, necklaces for Team Gray & Co., a plastic ball and bat, and a big bag of popcorn all for 8 bucks.  Oh yeah, and a CD of TV theme songs (like Gilligan’s Island, etc.) as the soundtrack for their day’s adventure.

With the first strains of Gilligan’s Island spilling out of the van speakers and their necklaces all on, the first stop was a park where they had a picnic consisting of water, cheese, and crackers before moving on to another park for a game of baseball, and then another where they looked for ducks to feed the popcorn to.  While there they gathered some cat tails and even happened upon some free sidewalk chalk for adding a moment of artistic expression to their day’s activities.  

After a full day of picnicking, base-balling, feeding ducks, and more, and with $2.72 cents left over, they went to McDonald’s and split a cheeseburger and ice-cream cone five ways before heading home for the evening.  There was even 53 cents left over for them to put in the World Vision fund, proving that in these tough economic times, if you’re not wasteful, you can still give to the poor.

I’m just wondering why they wait to do fun stuff like this until after they drop me off at the airport…

Meanwhile, I’m in SalemOR with some old friends and making some new ones as I  came to participate in the celebration of my friend Chuck Neighbor’s 25th year in his drama ministry Master’s Image.  I also get to play at Salem Alliance Church all weekend.  I did get the pics from my photo shoot back yesterday and have been going through those – we have some great shots! – and I’m supposed to get the first of the mixes of the new songs sometime today, too!  So it’s been an eventful weekend for me, as well, though not as colorful as Taya’s and the boy’s.

I’ll post my final GMA adventures hopefully on Monday – thanks for reading!  And take some time to make little $10 adventures of your own.

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