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A Conversation with Jimmy Abegg and New Pics

May 15, 2009


One of my favorite memories of the day of the photo shoot with Jimmy was a conversation at the end of the day when I asked him how his family was.  He talked about his daughters, one of which is a fearsome punk artist who fronted the acclaimed punk band Be Your Own Pet, and the other who is quietly following her heart and whatever catches her interest, pursuing a life of creativity.  Jimmy talked about how their kids grew up watching he and his wife put together a piece-meal existence doing the things they loved, being creative, never having a predictable kind of income or sense of security, but leading a very colorful and interesting life along the way.  

He talked about how growing up in their home set his kids free in a sense to pursue the same kind of life with a kind of confidence because they saw that it worked and for them it was even normal.  I thought of my own kids and my own years of  life on the road and the constant anxiety of never knowing exactly how the bills would get paid because of our crazy life-style – an anxiety that is finally receding after years of God’s faithfulness to us.  In the midst of all that, I’ve sometimes wondered if I wasn’t providing the best kind of life for my boys.  It is a different kind of life we lead…

But hearing Jimmy talk about his kids, now grown, helped me feel like our boys were going to be okay, too.  In fact, maybe even more than okay.  They will have unique and colorful experiences and confidences for having grown up in the Gray house and seeing the world through our window.  It probably won’t be as colorful as Jimmy Abegg’s household, but it’ll do…

I’m posting a handful of pics from the shoot (holding a lot back until we know what we’ll use for the package – I can’t give it all away yet!) in my photos section, so be sure to check that out here


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