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The Satisfaction of Restoration

June 5, 2009


I’m writing from downtown TokyoJapan, where Taya and I extended our layover for a couple days during out trip to play for the servicemen who are based in SeoulKorea.  We arrived jet-lagged to the Narita airport where the congregant of a friend of ours picked us up and drove us to our ryoken, a traditional Japanese inn.  The rooms are teeny-tiny and I feel like a giant everywhere I go.  AFter dropping our bags off in our room, Taya and I ventured out to find something to eat, feeling wonderfully like strangers in a strange land.  I ate my first whole meal with chopsticks – the best white fish and cabbage I’ve ever had, complemented by hot saki. We are so grateful for the opporunities to see the world that our line of work has afforded us… so grateful.

I’m grateful, too, that the last of the final mixes came in sometime while we were over the pacific, and I’m grateful to unexpectedly have internet while we’re at our little ryoken so I can hear those mixes.  The record goes to get mastered on Monday and then it’ll be all done.  As soon as the mastering is completed, I’ll start posting some songs on my myspace page – can’t wait to have you all hear what we’ve been working on these many months.

I’m also grateful for this website and how well it’s served me the last few years (read the news update below to find out about the upcoming changes at  And this will probably be my last journal entry here at this old site. And so I wanted to let you know that the Rabbit Room has posted one of my new pieces about some of the work I’ve been doing the last few weeks that I’ve been off the road.  It’s called “the Satisfaction of Restoration” and I hope you read it and enjoy it.

Now, I’m going to crash and sleep for hopefully 12 hours so I’m ready for our sight-seeing adventures tomorrow.  Thanks again, sayonara!

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