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The Golden Boy & The Prodigal

August 5, 2009

I’ve posted a new blog at The Rabbit Room about my bought with writer’s block and the song that broke it. Check it out here.

Here’s an excerpt: “My new record, Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (which some here may recognize as a Lord Of The Rings reference), is significant to me if for no other reason than I was afraid it would never come.  If you’ve read some of the conversations I’ve had with Matt Conner and others here, you might remember that this record was preceded by nearly 3 years of writer’s block that left me afraid my music making days were over.  Much of the writer’s block, I know, was spurred by the fear of men – the fear that a song would not meet with the approval of the jury I had assembled in my head ranging from fellow artists, fans, radio people, reviewers, and so on – a wide range of discordant voices who could never agree on anything.  Any song start would be met by some imagined critical voice, and then the shouting would begin…”

Read the rest in The Rabbit Room

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