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New Song Of The Week: I Am New

August 25, 2009

Well – it’s time for the final New Song Of The Week post from my new record, “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue”.  Thanks so much for tuning in for a new song each week!

This song made the record by popular demand.  It’s been my most requested song for the last year and I’ve been grateful to hear from people that it’s a song that has meant a lot to them.  It’s called “I Am New” and is a song I wrote with my good friend Joel Hanson. It’s about coming to terms with our identity in Christ.  I think that most of us have an easier time identifying with our sinfulness than we do with our belovedness, and with “I Am New” it’s my hope that people will come away from the song with a sense of God’s love, his sanctifying work in their lives, and an assurance that we are being made new.

It’s in 6/8, and our concern was how to move it away from the typical 6/8 waltzy feel.  But Paul and James’ syncopated approach on the drums and bass gave it an unexpected cool vibe that felt modern and made it one of the tracks I’m most grateful for.  I hope fans of the song feel that we did it justice on the record.

It made sense to drop a verse for the version that made the official record, but it was sad for me to lose the verse (and it made my wife upset with me!), so the special edition of the CD seemed like a perfect place to resurrect the lost verse (and make peace with Taya 🙂  So I’m posting both the official version, as well as the extended acoustic version from the Special Edition bonus disc.  I hope you enjoy them both!

And remember, you can pre-order the new CD in the standard, Special, and Deluxe editions at

PS – Don’t miss our daily video blogs from the CD Release tour!

PPS – Also: have you seen the videos chronicling the making of the new record? If not, here they are:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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