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A Conversation About My New Favorite Record: Andy Gullahorn’s “Law Of Gravity”

December 16, 2009

I wrote a Rabbit Room blog with a friend of mine about my new favorite record – Andy Gullahorn’s “Law Of Gravity”.  Andy is widely regarded as one of the best songwriter’s in Nashville.  I’ve had the pleasure of writing a few songs with him including “Holding The Key”, “How I Ended Up Here”, and “The Reasons Why You Brought Me Here” which Andy recorded for his project (I like his version better than mine ;-).

1. Check out the blog here:

2. Then order one copy of the record for yourself and for your closest friends and family – they’ll thank you for it.

Andy’s songs get to the heart of things and he has an amazing knack for making you laugh out loud one minute, and then cry the next.  This is a great, great record, I can’t recommend it enough.  (I’m a little geeked out that I get to have a song I worked on included on a record this good!)

The blog is here:

Andy’s website is here:

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