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Bringing In The New Year

January 6, 2010

I brought in the New Year quietly, with lots of napping, due to a cold that knocked me out for most of the last week.  I dodged sickness all year long while I was on the road, only for it to catch up with me at the very end.  It’s given me a great excuse for sleeping in everyday, though, while I’ve been at my in-laws – something that I might otherwise feel a little guilt over.  My in-laws are great, and yet even after 18 years of marriage (!!) I’d still rather avoid any appearance of indolence while under their roof.

We all watched Julie and Julia – a delightful little film about Julia Childs – on New Years Eve at my in-laws in the Pacific Northwest.  It was a movie that I didn’t particularly want to watch, but was quickly won over by it.  I love movies about food anyway, and this was a good one with an amazing performance by Meryl Streep. But I’ll tell you about one of the more remarkable things about the film to me: though there were no graphic sex scenes or anything like that (only implied sexuality where characters kiss and then make their way to the bedroom), the parent in me gets nervous when my kids are in the room and there is a scene that looks like it might lead to a sexual situation.  But then I realized, wait a second… this is a depiction of a married couple expressing healthy and wholesome physical love for each other (and tastefully done, too – again, no graphic scenes).  It made me realize: how long has it been since I’ve seen a Hollywood film that depicted healthy sexuality between a man and wife?  Wow… it’s a rare thing…

After the movie, Taya, the boys and I watched out the windows of my in-laws house that overlooks the Skagit valley as people set off fireworks.  In all four directions we could see people sending up bursts and blooms of light heralding the closing of one year and the birth of another.  We could see the celebrations from as far away as Anacortes and Bellingham, and we smiled.  Ah… another year, another chance to start with a clean slate and maybe get it right, or at least better, this time around…

I played a concert at one of my favorite churches this weekend: His Place in Burlington, WA. Great, great people there. I was losing my voice and worried that I might be reduced to a pantomime interpretation of everything sad coming untrue… Yeah, I’m sure that would be as awkward as we all might imagine. But thankfully – for all of us – after much prayer and vigilance, God faithfully gave me enough voice to get through the services there.  After the service I took a nap and when I woke I had completely lost my voice.  And you know what that means?  More guiltless sleeping in.  It stinks being sick, but sleeping in every day is a nice consolation prize.

In the meantime, while I nurse myself back to health with tea, water, and rest, I’ll be writing a 2009 retrospective blog that I’ll share here in the next few days.  I’m thankful for God’s goodness to us this past year – often times it comes to us through you!  And exciting things are on the horizon for 2010…

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