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An Update of Olympic Proportions!

February 15, 2010

Following is the text of a message sent to Jason Gray’s email list:

Bon hiver my friends!  (“good winter”)

In this update:
Home For The Olympics, Twin Cities Concert, A Hit Single?, and The Future

I hope this email finds you well and warm.  Taya and I just returned home from an amazing tour with Jeremy Camp, The Afters, and Chasen.  We made a lot of great new friends and had a blast, but it is good to be back in Minnesota with our boys watching the Olympics on our own TV.  After years of watching fuzzy Olympics through whatever reception the roof antennae would give us, we broke down and got cable for the first time in our 18 years of marriage just so we wouldn’t miss it.  The Olympics are always a big event in the Gray household! I myself have only been home for two days since Thanksgiving.  I walk around our house relishing the things I can call my own: my coffee mug, my pillow, my water, my shower… oh the simple joys of familiar comforts.

Calling all Minnesotans! I’ll be home for the better part of a month but doing concerts on the weekends – including one in the Twin Cities!  If you’re within driving range I’d love to see you this Saturday night in Fridley:

2/20/2010 – 7:00pm
Redeemer Lutheran Church
61 Mississippi Way NE
Fridley, MN 5543
For more info: (763) 574-7445

I’ll be sharing songs from my newest record and might even play a couple brand new ones that I’ve written recently.  We’ll talk about redemption and renewal, how God makes sad things come untrue, and how nothing that happens – either the best or the worst – is wasted and how it’s all leading us further up and further in to the great mystery of the love of God. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry, we’ll give high fives and do group therapy.  It’ll be great, especially if you’re there.

The big news for Team Gray is that my song “More Like Falling In Love” is climbing the charts, sitting at #12 on one chart and something like #24 on another.  (It would take too long to explain the difference between the charts, but trust me, this is good news).  It’s my highest charting single and is still climbing.  A “hit” song would mean a lot of great things for our ministry and would help us to continue making music for you well into the future.  This could be the song to catapult me into teen stardom!  Better late than never, right? It could also mean braces for my other two kids…

Following is a list of some stations who are playing the song.  If you’re hearing it in your area, be sure to let them know you’re grateful they’re playing it.  If they aren’t playing it in your area, well… maybe you should move to somewhere where they are ;-), like one of these fine cities:

WBHY / Mobile, AL
WSCF / Vero Beach, FL
WAFJ / Augusta, GA
WAYR / Brunswick, GA
WCVK / Bowling Green, KY
WJIE / Louisville, KY
KBMQ / West Monroe, LA
WBSN / New Orleans, LA
WCLN / Fayetteville, NC
WFFH-Salem / Nashville, TN
KPEZ / Austin, TX
KLTY / Dallas, TX
WPER / Winchester, VA
XM/Sirius / Satellite
KGCB / Flagstaff, AZ
KBIQ / Colorado Springs, CO
KSOS / Las Vegas, NV
KFIS / Portland, OR
WCTL / Erie, PA
WGRC / Williamsport, PA
WBYO / Sellersville, PA
WWWA / Augusta, GA
KLRC / Fayetteville, AR
KZKZ / Ft. Smith, AR
KNWS / Waterloo, IA
New Life Media / Illinois
WHPZ / South Bend, IN
KJIL / Meade, KS
WCSG / Grand Rapids, MI
WLGH / Lansing, MI
WJQK / Grand Rapids, MI
WMUZ / Detroit, MI
KKJM / St. Cloud, MN
KCVO / Camdenton, MO
KHZR / St. Louis, MO
KXOJ / Tulsa, OK
KSLT / Rapid City, SD
WNWC / Madison, WI
WGNV / Wausau, WI
WWIB / Chippewa Falls, WI

If you’ve read this far, well… you’re awesome.  And I thank you.

Soon I will be posting dates for a spring tour I’ll be doing with Jimmy Needham, mid-March – April.  Jimmy is a cool guy and I can’t wait to get out on the road with him.  I’ll update you soon!

Centricity Music (my record label) has a number of plans for me that we’re working on.  I’ve written a Christmas song with Andy Gullahorn that I’m really excited about.  It will be included on a Christmas compilation that will come out later this year.  I’m also beginning to write songs for the next record that we’re tentatively wondering about recording in August for a Spring 2011 release.  While you wait for that, we’re also working on an acoustic collection of cover songs that might be available this Fall.  So there’s a little peek at my dance calendar for the year.

Thank you for caring, I hope to see you out there on the road soon!

Jason Gray

PS – Have you “become a fan” of my facebook artist page?  I’d love to connect with you there!  I promise to give brief and witty status updates.

PSS – You can buy my CD “All The Lovely Losers” in my store for only $5!  Sale ends at the end of the day.  Click here to go to my store

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