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iTunes Sale, Special Song Posted, More Like Falling In Love, and more…

April 5, 2010


Hello friends!

Spring is Springing in Minnesota and though the calendar day of Easter is technically come and gone, the power of it is still in full force here, painting the landscape green and giving songs to birds.  If Winter can’t hold Easter at bay, I suppose a calendar can’t either.

It was this time last year that I wrote “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (Part 1)” – trying to make a little musical piece that sounded like Springtime to me.  It still remains one of the tracks I’m most grateful for on my record.

Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue… and going on sale!
Speaking of, I wanted to let you know that today is the final day to get Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue at iTunes for the special price of $7.99.  If you already have it and have always wanted to share it with someone else, this is an opportunity to do so at a great price.  Ever gifted an album to someone through iTunes?  It’s easy, just click the little arrow next to the “BUY” button and choose the option “Gift To Friend.” Here’s the iTunes link:

A Concert In Your Town!
After a busy season that wrapped up with a great tour with Jeremy Camp, The Afters, and Chasen, I’m spending a little more time at home, beginning to write for the next record, enjoying my family, and sleeping in my own bed.

However, though I’m home for a bit, I am doing a lot of concerts on my own on weekends and such.  I’ve been grateful for the opportunities to open for so many great artists the past few years, but it’s also been refreshing lately to get to play more than a three song opening set!  If you’ve ever wanted to see a full concert, I’d love to come to your church!  To find out how to make that happen, inquire here:

Don’t forget, I also do house concerts.

I’ve also been writing a series of blogs for Jesus Freak Hideout about the stories and scriptures that inspired the song “More Like Falling In Love” – exploring the song a verse at a time. It’s been fun to get to share so deeply about a song.  You can read them here and watch for ongoing installments:

And don’t forget my regular blog posted regularly at and also at: including a recent writing about the promise of Spring and the fruit of Winter.

More Like Falling In Love On The Radio!
I’m also SO grateful to report that “More Like Falling In Love” is being embraced by radio – breaking into the top 20 on one chart and the top 10 on another!  If you’ve heard it in your area, be sure to thank them for playing it.  Here is a handful of the radio stations I’ve heard who are playing it from Orlando to Portland and most places in between (apologies if your station is playing it and I didn’t mention them!)

KKFS     KBIQ      KGBI      KSOS   KFIS

…And Finally: Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue Like You’ve Never Heard it
As I mentioned earlier, I’m so grateful for how the track for “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (Part 1)” turned out – the players gave their all and helped Jason Ingram and I create a unique track that blended fun keyboard programming with really organic elements like hammered dulcimer and a cool drum performance to create something that to me always sounded like we bottled something of Spring.  Sometimes it’s hard to hear all that they did on account of me singing all those lyrics over the top of it, so just for fun I’m posting the instrumental/no vocal version of the song on my facebook and myspace music players at and respectively.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks again for listening and caring.  I pray you are blessed and that our paths cross soon!

Ever winter breaks upon the Easter Lily’s bloom,

Jason Gray

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Larry Thomas permalink
    April 20, 2010 11:00 pm

    Jason, I can actually say that your “Everything sad” album is the first Christian pop album I have ever bought. More like falling in Love brings me to tears every time I hear it, because it describes my spiritual walk with the Lord. I love Jesus with all my heart and you have helped me get closer to Him. You are blessed in so many ways. Keep talking the talk and walking the walk. Sincerely, Larry ps. And keep on singing!!!!!!!!

  2. Barry permalink
    May 13, 2010 2:23 pm

    Can you explain to me exactly what”More Like Falling In Love” is about. Some say that having a relationship with Jesus is more than just a feeling. Duh! I think you and others know that. But it’s also more than just following doctrines and rules. I missed your interveiw on K-Love explaining it. I’m in a worship band at church and i’d like to know from the artist what it is about. Just in case i have to explain it. Thank you for the song and your response! God Bless!

    In Christ,
    Barry > +

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