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A Note of Thanks, A New Tour, New Records and More…

January 10, 2011

(Sent to the Jason Gray email list)

Hello friends and happy New Year!

2010 was a remarkable year for the Grays and our ministry – after flying under the radar for so many years, we are so grateful for how receptive radio stations and their listeners were to “More Like Falling In Love.” Not only that, but we were graced with the best touring opportunities we’ve ever had, hitting the road with high-profile artists ranging from Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Michael W. Smith, and Tobymac to the privilege of going out with personal heroes like Jill Phillips, Ben Shive, and Andrews Peterson, Gullahorn, and Osenga for the Monsters of Folk tour… er… I mean “Behold The Lamb Of God” Christmas tour.

I find myself looking back through the year and filled to the brim with gratitude.

I feel a bit like Tom Hanks who once said the secret to his success was that he simply didn’t go away, sticking around long enough that people couldn’t ignore him anymore. So I guess what I want to say is that in addition to my gratitude for all the new friends and fans who found me this year, I’m especially grateful to all of those who have supported and championed us all along the way. You were a part of God’s grace that carried us through the years, without which we might not have otherwise made it to 2010. Thank you, friends, new and old.

And now, on to 2011. I want to give you a quick update about several things coming up, including:


This Spring I’ll be going out with Mark Schultz (more info to come), but before that I’m excited to let you know about the Winterblast tour with Building 429, 33 Miles, yours truly, and Kerrie Roberts. It’s shaping up to be a really cool night and it looks like I’ll even have some band members joining me for part of my set.

Here are the dates, I hope to see you out there!

Jan 13- Bowling Green, KY
Jan 14- Blountville, TN
Jan 15- Inianapolis, IN
Jan 27- Shiloh IL
Jan 28- Goshen, IN
Jan 29- Marion, IL
Feb 3- Montgomery, AL
Feb 4- Miramar Beach, FL
Feb 5- Jacksonville, FL
(more detailed info at

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the growing reception for the new single “I Am New” at radio. This was always one of the more important songs to me on the record with it’s message of finding our identity in Christ, so it’s very gratifying that radio has embraced it. If you’re hearing it in your area, you can do me a favor and let them know that you appreciate them playing it. (And if you haven’t seen the music video yet, check it out here:

Here are some of the stations currently playing it (sorry if I missed anyone!):

WMS Portland, ME
WJTL Lancaster, PA
WVFJ Atlanta, GA
WCIE Tampa-St. Petersburg
WPOZ Orlando, FL
WBFJ Greensboro
WAFJ Augusta, GA
WPAR Roanoke-Lynchburg
WJKL Chicago IL
WMUZ Detroit, MI
WBSN New Orleans, LA
WDJC Birmingham AL
WCQR Johnson City
KLJY St Louis, MO
KXOJ Tulsa, OK
KBIQ Colorado Springs, CO
SXMS Satellite
FLNW Network
WWWA Augusta Waterville
WBYO Sellersville, PA
WGRC Williamsport, PA
WSCR Ft. Pierce-Stuart, FL
WCLN Fayetteville, NC
WPER Fredericksburg, VA
WAYR Brunswick, GA
WQME Indianapolis, IN
WBC Ft. Wayne, IN
WGNV Wausau-Stevens
WHPZ South Bend, IN
WWIB Eau Claire, WI
KZKZ Ft. Smith, AR
WCVK Bowling Green, KY
KJIL Meade, KS
KCVO Columbia, MO
KGNZ Abilene, TX
KYTT Eugene-Springfield
New Life Network
WBVM Tampa-St. Petersburg
WONU Chicago, IL
WCRH Hagerstown
WJYO Ft. Myers
WCLW Traverse City
WLJN Traverse City
KCBI Dallas-Ft. Worth
TX KNLB Phoenix, AZ
KYCC Stockton, CA
KAMB Merced, CA
American Network
Family Life Network

We are on track to make a new record in March with a plan to release it in September. I’m grateful to be teaming up again with Jason Ingram who helped bring Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue to life and I’m already really excited about how it’s all shaping up (though I’m also feverishly trying to write the last few songs!)

In the meantime, while you wait for the next record, I’m privileged to be working with another one of my personal favorite artists, Derek Webb, on a “remix” project. Derek is an amazing singer/songwriter as well as a kind of musical mad scientist. The project will feature 4 songs and their journey from rough work tapes I recorded on my laptop, to demos I submitted to my label, to the album version, and finally the life they can take on their own as a completely re-imagined remix courtesy of Derek.

I’m excited about this project and can’t wait for you to hear it. More info to come soon! (Meanwhile, please check out Derek’s own music here:

And after many requests, we’ve finally made available no vocal versions of all the songs from Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue as well as All The Lovely Losers for all of you who have been asking for performance tracks so you can sing these songs for your local church. I’m honored! I’m also excited because I LOVE the no vocal versions – I think the players did an amazing job on my songs and sometimes I’m afraid my singing stole the glory from some magical musical moments. “Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue (Part 1)” and “Holding The Key” are two of my favorite tracks I’ve ever recorded and I like that now you can hear them in all their instrumental glory.
Here’s the link:

If you’ve read this far… wow – you honor me. A virtual high five to you, along with my gratitude. Thank you for making me a part of your journey. I hope to see you soon.

Grace and peace,

Jason Gray

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  1. Taylor permalink
    February 12, 2011 6:14 am

    Hey jason could u pray for me right now I’ve had a cold and now its getting worst but I Have to do a drama to come holy spirit and we don’t think most of the people rnt going to come cause there sick but if u would pray for me and my church I go to higher ground baptist chuch can’t wait to see u in blountville

  2. Chris Frohwein permalink
    February 13, 2011 4:35 am

    Hey Jason, Greetings from the UK man.

    Really pleased that more and more people are finally beginning to understand, appreciate and recognise your music. Ive been listening to your stuff for a while now… first stuff I heard was the Acoustic Storytime Live CD… I was so surprised at how much I liked your style of writing and could really relate to songs like “weak” and “You are Mercy”. Please come to the UK soon! I really wanna come see you man.

    Also any chance of you releasing some Chord charts or Sheet music for older songs like “weak”, “You Are Mercy” ,”The Cut”.

    Your music inspired me to let go of My Electric guitar and give Heavy Metal a break for a bit and write some of my own acoustic songs.

    Keep making music man… cos Ive never enjoyed listening to 1 guy and his guitar so much.

    Looking forward to the New Record


  3. February 15, 2011 2:08 pm


    I just found your music and must say it is absolutely awesome! I’m a counselor at a small counseling and training ministry in Georgia. We just had a retreat weekend and I wish I had heard “I Am New” before I went. It is such a blessing to hear God’s love in your songs! Stay focused on the voice and message that God has given you! I look forward to many more songs from you in the future!

    Grace and Peace ;o)

  4. Compassion4 permalink
    February 22, 2011 4:15 pm

    You have blessed our family. I have often thought of your visit to Cunningham Children’s Home and what a spectacular time that was. And, I have meant to tell you, I DID love Sara Groves…….thank you for that recommendation. It did take me forever to check her out. And how cool you are working with Derek Webb, I pray for your talent to continue to bless God, and that your family will remain close as you are gone so often.
    Your friend,
    Jessica Culp

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