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The New Recording and more

March 1, 2011

Okay, I’ve been a bad blogger, I know it’s been nearly two months…  But it’s only because I’ve been a good song writer (good as in diligent, not as in “hey look at me, I think I’m an awesome songwriter!”)

I’ve spent the last several weeks working hard on the songs that will make up the new album, which we started recording this week!  It feels unfair to my previous records and those who worked on them to say that I think this one feels like it will be… somehow better… but I will say that this one feels more focused and more weighty than any record I’ve done.  Not as in heavy, but as in substance.  Blah blah blah… it’s weird talking about my own record, especially since it’s not even finished yet.  Let me just say that I am really excited and profoundly grateful for how this record is shaping up, it feels special and I have a sense of God’s presence in it in a way I haven’t experienced before.

I’m trying to give you a little more access to the process and the best way I knew how was to start a thread on my message boards and then give real time updates throughout the next two days (March 2nd & 3rd, and maybe beyond :-), lyric samples, and a chance for you to ask me anything you like about the songs, the process, or whatever you like.  You can do that at: – I hope to see you there!

And I promise to get back to blogging soon since I know the whole world is waiting on pins and needles for me to weigh in on matters of great import 🙂

Thanks for caring about my music, I’m excited to share the new songs with you.  Here’s the song list:

The Name Of God Is the Sound Of Our Breathing
Jesus We Are Grateful
Do Not Be Afraid
The Other Side
A Way To See In The Dark
Remind Me Who I Am
The End Of Me
I Will Find A Way
No Thief Like Fear
Good To Be Alive
Nothing Is Wasted
Without Running Away

Don’t forget, for deeper engagement go to: – I’ll be on all day tomorrow and the next.

PS – To read a blog my management recently posted about me and the new project, click here:

Also, here’s a video we made from Day 2 in the studio (you can hear a little of how “The Name Of God…” is taking shape):

3 Comments leave one →
  1. March 3, 2011 6:23 pm

    The titles sound like you have some major, inspirational, life giving advice to share …. I eagerly await your new songs.

  2. roxtar27 permalink
    March 4, 2011 9:25 pm

    Can’t wait, I know it will be great. I am totally loving my Everything Sad CD. So much that I can totally considering myself Jason Gray #1 fan. Yep, it’s official!!

  3. Angela permalink
    March 11, 2011 10:26 am

    So excited about “The Name Of God Is the Sound Of Our Breathing.” Thanks for sharing it with us last night! I can’t wait till the new album comes out!

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