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Song Diaries and Other Videos

August 26, 2011

Hello friends! Only three more weeks until “A Way To See In The Dark” releases. We’re really excited and grateful for the early reviews coming in calling it my strongest project to date. I believed that since we started the project, but – ya know – I may lack objectivity, so I’m grateful that other people think so, too.  (You can pre-order the new record here: – I recommend the Special Edition :- )

I’m also grateful for the fun stuff we’ve gotten to do in anticipation of the record’s release, and I thought I’d share some of that with you here.  We’re doing a series of short videos called “Song Diaries” and two of them are already posted for you.

The first one offers a candid (and humorous) look at life in the Gray household as well as a preview of what many people are calling their favorite song from the new record:
Song Diaries – Good To Be Alive


The other is an intimate conversation about what the song “Remind Me Who I Am” means to me:
Song Diaries – Remind Me Who I Am


And if you missed it, here’s the official video for “Remind Me Who I Am”:

I also got to be a part of my record label’s comical “Centricity U” series – short webisodes intended to introduce the new singles by all their artists.  They’re really funny and you may want to watch all of them for context (and stay tuned for the grand finale in the coming weeks!), but here are the two I got to be a part of:



Thank you may I have another:


Thanks for watching – if you enjoyed them, please share them with others! Word of mouth is still the best help and I’m grateful for it.

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  1. September 12, 2011 9:39 am

    Jason, your newest hit “Remind Me Who I Am” cries out our significance to Jesus despite what the world tells us or the haunting of past mistakes and/or misfortunes. Each time I listen to your song that iron wall of self-guilt I’ve built around my heart melts more and more.

    Through your God-appointed vocal gift and love for the Almighty you have ushered forth a message of His love for us no matter what we’ve done or what the world has told us who we are. Your song reminds us that who we are to God is truly all that matters.

    My heart keeps crying out …”WOW! Thank you, Lord Jesus for Your ultimate sacrifice and for loving me so much that I do matter to You. Use my life Lord in a way that glorifies You and brings Your love and healing to others.” I am introducing this song to my sons who are now grown, but have suffered much by my poor choice of a step-father during their early childood. There is so much regret and self-resentment that has enslaved me over the past that I forget to live in the now in God’s plan for my life in the present.

    You’ve done just that, Jason through your message in this latest gift you have joyfully laid at the feet of Christ and for all who will listen with their hearts to receive.

    Many blessings to you and your beloved family.

    In His Grace Daily,

    Melissa McPhail

  2. Cathie Kerns permalink
    October 3, 2011 2:58 pm

    Took my grandaughter and friend , both 11, to opeing night in Abilene, Texas, Oct. 1, Fantastic show. Had a great time sharing the experiance of praising God and having fun at the same time.This was their first concert ever and it is one they will remember all their lifes.Thank you for being willing to server the Lord and touching lives of the young ans not so young lives. Cathie


  1. An Interview with Jason Gray | FaithVillage Blog

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